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Pet Salve - 2 oz.

Pet Salve - 2 oz.

I make 100% all natural mushroom skin care products, from locally wild-foraged adaptogenic mushrooms (Reishi & Chaga), including Creams, Masks, Lip Balms, & Salves, including this Pet Salve


The pet salves can be used on your pet's hot spots, dry/cracked paws & noses, etc, & as a moisturizing ointment for all minor skin issues. 


All of these products are made with my mushroom healing oils. The pet salve recipes have been modified, with a few less ingredients, to be safe for dogs and cats. The mushroom healing oils used in these recipes include Jojoba, Coconut & EVOO. These oils have been infused with wild-harvested adaptogenic mushrooms (Chaga & Reishi) for months. 


Additional ingredients in these pet salves include Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Love. That's it.


100% All Natural, No Preservatives. Made with the Highest Quality Ingredients. Keep all products away from heat and moisture. Each batch varies slightly.


As always, all products are Reiki infused with healing intentions to match & intensify your specific intentions.....Be the Magic. ✨️

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