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Mushrooms * Reiki * TAROTPY


Mushroom hunting has ultimately been a very spiritual experience for me........magic happens in the woods!  Mushrooms are simply magical - in a kingdom all their own. Mycelium (the root of fungi) acts as the Central Nervous System for the Planet, connecting all of the energy, through all life on Earth.


It is all divinely connected...we are all divinely connected.


I am passionate about mushrooms! Mushrooms are not a plant nor animal, but the DNA of a mushroom is closer to the DNA of a human than it is to a plant. The molecular compounds fit into the human cell structures like a jigsaw puzzle! 

I have various adaptogenic wild-harvested mushroom products available, including face/hand creams, masks, and salves for women, men, babies and even pets.  All of my products are made with adaptogenic mushrooms, wild-harvested by me, and truly made with love. These adaptogenic mushrooms including Reishi ("The Divine Mushroom" or "The Mushroom of Immortality") and Chaga ("The Gold of the Forest" or "The King of the Forest") are known for their immune-boosting, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, & antioxidant properties, and have both demonstrated positive impacts on a multitude of both emotional & physical health issues.* These skincare products are available at a number of shops locally, including Unwind Cafe & the Local Emporium in Tunkhannock, the Back Mountain Makery & Beynon Beautiful in Dallas, the Crooked Branch in West Pittston, Evergreen in Wilkes-Barre, the Ski Shack in Moosic, as well as shops such as the Wicked Botanist in Allentown, and Street of Shops in Lewisburg, among others. As a Reiki practitioner, my products have also been infused with universal healing energy throughout the process.

I am also very excited to offer monthly guided mushroom forays in Wyoming, Luzerne, and Lackawanna Counties, from May through October. I am certified through Mushroom Mountain, and registered with the PA Department of Agriculture.

Note* These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition. 


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal life energy". Many cultures embrace the notion that energy flows through the body, and that imbalances correlate to distress (physical & emotional). Reiki is a gentle hands-on method that addresses these imbalances to promote wellness. The principles of Reiki are compatible with all religious & spiritual paths.

I offer Usui Reiki, both in-person and distance sessions, including for women, children, and pets too. I received my First, Second, Third & Fourth Degree attunements through "Unlimited White Light", and can provide my lineage if requested. In-person sessions are held for women at my she-shed in Lehman, PA, by appointment only. Distance sessions can be provided for men, pets & others that prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home. Sessions can be split between Reiki and tarot, if desired.

30 minute treatments: $50

One Hour Session: $75

Text (570)331-9369 or message me on Facebook to schedule!


The use of tarot is often mis-portrayed & misunderstood. There is nothing dark about tarot, and tarot is not fortune telling. Tarot can be a profound tool tapping into the divine wisdom of your higher self. 

I also offer tarot readings and "tarotpy". Tarotpy can be described as tarot - with a touch of therapy. The use of tarot can be a powerful tool in psychology, and was strongly endorsed by Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology. There are also many correlations between tarot & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles. I have worked as a Licensed therapist for over 2 decades, but am excited to take a less mainstream approach. 

Connected Fungirl Wellness, LLC also offers alternative therapeutic women's "New Moon Group Tarotpy" meetings & "Bad Moms" support groups in Luzerne County on a monthly basis, in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Connected Fungirl Wellness is also available for your special events, including private Witchball & Tarot parties, "Magical birthdays", as well as hourly rates for your larger group events, such as weddings, showers, graduation parties, business team building events, etc. Contact me for more information!


It is important to note that Connected Fungirl Wellness, LLC does not provide traditional therapy services for individuals or groups. 

The services provided by Connected Fungirl Wellness, LLC are separate from the owner's title as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Connected Fungirl Wellness, LLC

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