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Connected Fungirl Wellness

Mushroom hunting has ultimately been a very spiritual experience for me...magic happens in the woods! All of my tinctures are wild-harvested by me, and truly made with love. As a Reiki practitioner, all of my products have been infused with universal healing energy during the double extraction process. They are also charged with the energy of the full moon, for optimal natural healing properties. I offer Reiki both in-person and distance sessions, including adults, children, and pets too. We can even infuse your tinctures or crystals during your session with personalized healing energy as well. Tarotpy can be described as tarot with a touch of therapy. I have worked as a therapist for 2 decades, but am excited to take a less traditional approach. The use of tarot is often misunderstood, but can be a very profound tool tapping into divine guidance & the wisdom of your higher self.

It is all divinely connected. We are all divinely connected.

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Reiki, Tarotpy & Mushrooms



Energy Healing (In-person or distance)

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal life energy". Many cultures embrace the notion that energy flows through the body, and that imbalances correlate to distress (physical & emotional). Reiki is a gentle hands-on method that addresses these imbalances to promote wellness. I received my First, Second, and Third degree attunements from Unlimited White Light Reiki, and can provide my lineage if requested. In-person sessions are offered at my location in Dallas, PA. Reiki can also be performed via distance for homebound individuals, or those who simply prefer this method. There are pets on the premises, so if you have an allergy to pet dander, distance sessions are recommended. Reiki can be offered to adults, children, and pets. Even objects can be infused with Reiki, such as tinctures and crystals. Each in-person session includes a clear quartz of your choice to be infused with your personal healing energy. Singing bowls and essential oils are utilized in each session as well. A complementary one card tarot draw is included at the end of your 60 minute Reiki session, for those who are interested. 

1/2 hour "spot" treatments.......$50

One hour session........................$75


Tarot with a touch of therapy

The use of Tarot is often misportrayed & misunderstood. It can be a profound tool tapping into divine guidance & the wisdom of your higher self. Tarot can be a powerful tool in psychology, and was strongly endorsed by Carl Jung. I have worked as a therapist for 2 decades, but am excited to take a less traditional approach.


Wild-harvested mushrooms

Guided Educational & Therapeutic Foraging

I am passionate about mushrooms! Mushrooms are not plant, nor animal, but the DNA of a mushroom is closer to the DNA of a human that it is to a plant! The molecular compounds fit into the human cell structures like a puzzle...I believe mushrooms are one of the primary medicines provided to us by the Universe...they are the missing link to help heal so many - physically & emotionally. My tinctures are wild-harvested, and dual-extracted from the highest quality ingredients. And my tinctures are made with love! I infuse Reiki healing energy throughout the tincturing process, and charge the tinctures with the energy of the Full Moon for optimal healing properties. All of the currently available tinctures have been charged under each Supermoon with healing intentions. And you can simply have your tincture on your body during your Reiki treatment to infuse your personalized healing energy. I will also have fresh wild-harvested mushrooms for sale seasonally (Certified & Registered with the PA Dept of Agriculture). In the near future, I will be providing guided educational & therapeutic mushroom forays for individuals & small groups in Luzerne County, PA.

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